When we were creating When in Rome, we agonised over our choice of name. We thought it might limit us to selling Italian products. Yet it yet conveys perfectly what we love so much – the Italian way of life, and in particular their approach to eating and drinking.

Italian per capita alcohol consumption is the highest in Europe. Yet they are also the least likely to binge drink (defined as consuming 5-7 units of alcohol in one session). Many Italians have a glass of wine with lunch and a glass (or two) with dinner every single day and have done for centuries….. possibly, for millennia.

We love the idea of wine as an accompaniment – not just to big nights out or in – but to the everyday joys of a quiet dinner on, say, a Monday evening, safe in the knowledge that the weekend is only four working days away. We also like the idea of never having a hangover. Which is why we love box wine – since it stays fresh for 6-8 weeks after opening – so you don’t have to drink it at once. But can enjoy a small (or large!) glass regularly.

In other words, with When in Rome you can drink wine exactly as the Italians do.


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