As the world’s largest wine importer, the UK brings in over 1.2 billion single use wine bottles each year. Of which an astonishing 40% still go to landfill!

The rest are recycled, but more energy is required to recycle glass than practically any other material. In fact, from an energy consumption point of view it’s hardly worth doing it at all.

But beyond the science, it’s pure common sense to state that reusing anything, from clothes to toys to packaging, is better than recycling.

Enter the When in Rome refillable bottle!

Available to purchase on this site, this bottle makes an elegant – yet environmentally sustainable statement – at the dinner table. Buy your wine refills from a When in Rome stockist and use it again and again. It’ll go through the dishwasher time after time and we don’t mind at all if you use it to serve water – just please, please don’t throw it the recycling bin!

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