Pecorino is a gorgeous white that rarely leaves Italian shores. It’s one of those really special wines the Italians like to keep for themselves – and who can blame them?

Having said that, it’s your lucky day… because this belter of a wine arrived with us yesterday, all the way from Italy’s mountainous Abruzzo region, where over 300 members of the Cantina San Giacomo wine-co-operative harvest its grapes and take them along to the winery.

The Pecorino grape has been growing here for millennia – pecora is the Italian word for sheep – so it’s no surprise this wine shares its name with the famous ewe’s cheese. Years ago, the lucky sheep grazing here used to nibble on the grapes.

Pecorino is best enjoyed nicely chilled and goes down a treat with smoked or oily fish, chicken and, of course, a few lumps of cheese.

Buy it now from our online shop at the special introductory price of £44. You won’t be disappointed.