Anyone who reads me regularly will know that, whilst I’m madly in love with Italy, I also have a none too secret crush on France – their love of wine boxes, kissing and bidets. Now, I’ve got a man crush on their new President too. Emmanuel Macron – young, centrist, outward looking and a wine lover to boot! Whilst UK voters are facing a grim choice between two life-expired political philosophies at next month’s General Election, it seems France’s progressive approach to wine packaging has been finally reflected in its politics.

Meanwhile, in the UK wine market, nothing says strong and stable like a bottle, and at a recent food fair I came across a few wine lovers who steadfastly refused even to try wine from a box. This reluctance to embrace innovation comes at a price. Recent research by our somewhat larger peer, Laithwaites, has shown that UK households pour away over 600 million bottles of wine a year – which is enough to fill 333 Olympic-sized swimming pools and also happens to be nearly half of all the wine bought in the UK every year. Wastage on a truly awful scale.

The premise of Laithwaites’ research is that no one knows how long wine in bottles stays fresh for after it’s been opened and so – instead of trusting their nose and taste buds – people needlessly pour away good wine. Bravo Laithwaites for opening our eyes to such wastage, but I’ve got a bone to pick with their conclusion, which is this nice infographic informing the public how many days different kinds of wine keep for – once you’ve opened a single use bottle. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, Madames et Messieurs, Signori e Signore, I bring you the wine box! Stronger than a brittle, heavy bottle and keeps the wine stable and fresh for a full six weeks after opening. Don’t believe me? Try it out!

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