The Pound has taken a real pounding in the uncertainty following the EU referendum, and whilst our strong preference as a company is to remain in the single European market, we’re trying not to feel too down about the Pound being….er…. down because our wine only comes  in boxes.

This is good news because box wine is:

1) 30% cheaper to produce as you only need to fill boxes by hose – no bottling lines, with all their expensive rules and regulations, no bottles , no corks, no foils, no screw tops. You get the idea…..

2) 50% cheaper to ship – 40% of the weight of a bottle of wine is the glass, so boxes are lighter – plus, their square shape and tough construction makes them easy to fit in a container.

In other words, box wine is 96% wine, whilst a bottle is only 60% wine.

We go and find lovely independent craft wine producers and, by selling their wine in boxes, take all the cost out of the supply chain.

This means that a bottle of wine selling for £12 or more in a supermarket can cost you as little as £8 with When in Rome. So you can drink fabulous quality Italian wine and still be quids in – even as the quid remains out of favour.


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