working from homeThere can’t be many of us who haven’t yet chuckled over the clip of a BBC interview with a rather straight laced expert on South Korea being ruined by his kids, and if you ever work from home and have a family it will have struck a particular chord.

But beyond the laughter, this clip makes a couple of serious points. 1) Why should he be so mortified by his kids appearing? (it happens, just pop them on your lap and solider on for a bit) and 2) I’ve seen plenty of comments about him refusing to change position because he was wearing pyjama trousers beneath the suit jacket (why on earth shouldn’t he?) . Possibly his reaction, and certainly the internet’s reaction, shows – despite the huge tech advances that make it possible – just how persistent are myths about working from home. Or are they myths?

I’ve been working from home full time on When in Rome now for just over three months, and here are my confessions. Bless me Father, for I have:

– Worked all day in my pyjamas

– Deliberately booked evening Skype calls to avoid the kids’ bedtime

– Not had a shower for two days running

– Enjoyed listening to awful traffic reports on the radio from the comfort of my kitchen

That said, we’ve just spent two months preparing to launch the Glitterati, the UK’s (& possibly the world’s) first box wine club, and I’ve worked several weekends and many evenings until the small hours. Thanks to not commuting, this is actually compatible with family life and doesn’t make me miserable. I’ve also had some great ideas for the future of the business thanks to comments from my wife, neighbours and kids (“but what if people don’t like wine Daddy?”) .

In short, for those of you who don’t work from home, all your suspicions about those who do are true, but if it makes you a more productive and happy employee, so what?

As When in Rome continues to grow, we’ll shortly be looking for an office (as, probably, will accidental internet sensation Robert Kelly), but I’ll continue to keep home working in the mix for me and everyone else on the team.

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