Forget everything you know (or think you know) about box wine. Our great-tasting wine is one of Italy’s best kept secrets. Made by small, independent producers – this is craft wine at its finest.


Each La Grande (5L) box contains over six bottles of wine and each La Mezza (2.25L) contains three. Both stay fresh for six weeks once opened. Tough, compact and easy to carry – they’re perfect for parties, BBQ’s, festivals and camping.


Order before 1pm Monday to Thursday for delivery next working day. Spend over £50 for FREE delivery. Enjoy our wine as the Italians do – by the glass, or fill a reusable bottle for your table or fridge.


When in Rome wants to change the way you enjoy wine. Not only is a wine box better value and much better for the environment, but the vacuum tap means you can enjoy a single glass whenever you want it, without fear of wastage.

Many of us in the UK associate box wine with cheap plonk. It’s not that different in Italy. Most Italian city dwellers still buy their wine in bottles.

But in the Italian countryside things are different.

Country folk like to visit their local winery with a refillable container – fill it with wine, take it home, decant and enjoy. It’s how Italian families have been enjoying their wine for centuries.

Our wine experts Andrea and Lorenzo own two wine stores in Milan. Both sell bottles. But more and more of their customers are doing things the rural way. Buying their wine in boxes or refillable bottles.


Box wine is fast becoming the way to enjoy a glass of vino in this country.

Some of London’s top wineries now serve quality wine straight from the box – and one forward-thinking bar has even banished the bottle altogether.

Isn’t it time you enjoyed a small piece of dolce vita for yourself?

As the Italians Do

Decanting your wine into a bottle or carafe – and popping it into the fridge to chill or allowing it to breathe – encourages sensible drinking and helps you to keep track of what you drink.


Often referred to as ‘the new Tuscany’, Le Marche wine region sits snugly between the Apennine Mountains and Adriatic Sea in North East Italy.

Based inland from Ancona, Federico Mencaroni is a fourth-generation winemaker who was taught everything he knows by his dear uncle, Nevio Mencaroni, who overcame a wealth of rising pressures from globalisation to preserve this small but beautifully formed vineyard in one of Italy’s most undiscovered wine regions.

Cantina Mencaroni – at just six hectares – is small by modern standards. But, when you consider the entire Le Marche region has only 20,000 hectares of vineyards, six will do nicely thanks!

Every single drop of wine made here is crafted from four lifetimes of wisdom and steeped in good old-fashioned Italian passion and pride.

Federico and his pickers harvest the grapes carefully by hand, lay them gently into picking bins for grading and many months later, once the wine-making process is complete, they box the wine on site and send it to us by train.

‘I’m just a steward of knowledge, passed down from generation to generation,’ says Federico. ‘Each year the grapes are unique and different, and we constantly need to adjust our techniques.

‘And now you have the delight of enjoying it all.’

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